What People Are Saying About Jena



All my life I’ve been an active person–running, hiking, biking, playing tennis. In 2007 I was forced to stop doing these things that I loved because of severe knee pain. I tried everything, physiotherapists, sports chiropractor, sports medicine doctor (MRI/xray showed no injury), rheumatologist (put me on a drug to curb early on-set inflammatory arthritis), naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, traditional massage, the list goes on. At best, these treatments gave me temporary relief but none of them dealt with the root of the problem; they nibbled at the edges. In 2011 I met Jena and all of that changed. Her assessment was illuminating. My problem was not arthritis and my problem was not my knee. We began an intensive treatment program where she introduced me to fascial treatment and Functional Movement Systems Training. Combined, this approach made a world of difference for me. Prior to our treatments I was in constant pain whenever I walked. No longer. Prior to our treatments I was taking painkillers and anti- inflammatories. No longer. Prior to our treatments I had worn a brace on my knee for almost two years. No longer. Today, I tell everyone I can about Jena and about Functional Movement Training. If you have chronic joint pain you’d be crazy not to try it.


Mitch Reyes




I have suffered with sacroiliac (SI) joint pain as a result of Rheumatoid Arthritis for decades. I have tried may therapies including Acupuncture, Physiotherapy and steroid injections to relieve the pain. I recently started seeing Jena for massage therapy. She uses a ligament release technique on my tailbone to properly align the SI joint providing relief to the area with a positive effect on my knee and foot joints as well.

This is the best therapy I have found to date. Thanks, Jena!


B. Lee




Jena is a colleague of mine and the person I go to when I need massage therapy. It is very apparent that she is dedicated to continuing her post graduate education and staying up to date on the latest cutting edge research by her vast knowledge base and exemplary level of care. Jena is very thorough in her assessment and treatment, and her intuitive and skilled touch always brings me great relief from whatever pain or dysfunction I may be experiencing. I highly recommend Jena.


Kayla Ruddock, RMT




Jena is very knowledgeable, open-minded and has a holistic approach to health and wellness. She compliments her massage with techniques and wisdom gained from other wellness areas. She is a leader in her industry and a gem!