Relearn Authentic Movement


"If you're not efficient in the way you move, becoming stronger doesn't get you more horsepower

because your wheels are spinning." - Gray Cook





Compensatory movement, altered and dysfunctional patterns, is the brain's way of surviving pain.


Pain from injury, illness, stress, preferred activities, and surgeries causes the body to move away from it, stressing other healthier tissue and choosing quantity of movement over quality of movement. Relearning quality movement involves regressing the brain back to the foundational movement it learnt through growth and development. The foundations include breathing, reflexively stabilizing the spine, rolling, pushing up, quadruped, and crawling, kneeling, and then standing. We have to relearn how to crawl before we can relearn how to walk - literally.


Challenging the quality of movement and focusing on alignment, mobility, motor control, timing, coordination, synergy, and functional perception, each corrective exercise is specific to your dysfunctional pattern, for your brain to relearn to move its body with more quality, precision and power.