My MovNat Weekend

Saturday morning. Gorgeous warm sunny Vancouver morning, my buddy Zeke looks over at me and says, “This is going to be RAD!”.

I can hardly contain my excitement. In fact, I’m so excited that when we pull in to the Richmond Olympic Oval, I forget to put the truck in Park, and hope out, only to be made aware of the fact that the truck is rolling backwards! I pull a lame Indiana Jones move and jump back in to pull the e-brake and reposition the truck.

This was the morning of a two day MovNat course that I have been eagerly, excitedly, and obviously distractedly (even a word?) awaiting for!!!

MovNat? Whaaaa…?!? MovNat, Explore Your True Nature. It’s a system of natural, authentic human movement abilities. Movements such as walking, running, balancing, jumping, crawling, climbing, lifting, carrying, throwing, catching, swimming and self-defense (these last two we didn’t cover this weekend). The beauty of this system, is that anyone can do these movements anywhere, at any time! The MovNat system is organized with three main skills: locomotive, manipulative, and combative. Right up my alley!

And now this morning, I was finally going to “Explore my true nature”. So with a smile plastered on my face, and giddy excitement, (and slight embarrassment that I almost crashed my truck in the parking lot) we walked into the High Performance gym.

Walking into the gym, I met a few faces I knew, and a few I didn’t. Our group of of excited, giddy, Lululemon clad natural movement enthusiasts included high performance coaches, personal trainers, manual therapists, and a few that just wanted to relearn to move naturally. Our MovNat instructor, Kellen Milad, glided across the room, exuding a calm, grounded excitement. You could see it, it was like he knew a secret, and you wanted him to share it with you.

Then we started to move… we balanced, jumped, crawled, rolled, jumped, lifted, carried, jumped, climbed, and jumped some more. Seriously, if someone had said do a hundred squats, you’d roll your eyes, sigh, start doing them and get sore and bored after 30-40. Yet here we were setting up more jump obstacles, more skillful jumping scenarios, focused on what was before us to jump on, over, or through and enjoying every challenge. We were learning through play… playing, yes, we were playing!!!

After day one, I was beat. Tired but satisfied. (Side Note: that night I dreamt of Zombies chasing me through a pirate ship gymnasium). And the next morning…. I felt every muscle in my body all at once! We warmed up well the second day, and got right back into these natural movement skills. We took our new skills outside to use the world as our playground. Right away, everyone saw everyday structures as challenges and obstacles to use our new natural skills to manipulate and locomote over.

This weekend I learn how to move more naturally, more authentically, more fluidly. I explored my true nature and I found something incredible. My true nature involves the excitement and joy of living in the moment, so focused on moving my body the way it was meant to move that the discomfort of unused muscles was over ridden by the delight in moving. For the first time I felt complete confidence in my strength and skill. I could do chin-ups!! My true nature involves a connection I’ve never felt before, a connection of my body as a whole; I had control of my movements more than ever before, I felt fluid, smooth, and complete. And with that completeness, I left the MovNat course with a calm, grounded excitement that sparkled in my eyes like I had a secret to share with the world.

[M4H00503 click here if you want to see me lift a log ;) ]

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